About Go Media

Since 2006, Go Media has been the trusted photographer for countless corporate events and onsite entertainment throughout the Las Vegas area. From ribbon cuttings to conventions, conferences to concerts, we have built out a network of talented photographers and videographers to meet your event needs. Our expansive group means we can be there when you need us most: on demand.

In addition to producing the highest quality photos and videos, Go Media also seeks to make each and every event a personal experience that is tailored to your needs. It’s not just about capturing the event; it’s about capturing it the way you want it.

“I love shooting, period. The more challenging the shoot the more enjoyment I get.”

-Bobby Jameidar, CEO
CEO Bobby Jameidar has been published in numerous magazines, both in print and online, including Vegas Seven Magazine, Vegas Rated, 944 Magazine, Las Vegas Real Estate Magazine, spyonvegas.com, and dailyfiasco.com.
Bobby Jameidar | CEO Go Media